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Q & A

Question:  If I wreck my new car will my insurance pay off the lease or loan?

Answer:  Great question. The answer is no. When you drive off the lot, the value of your car falls faster than at any time during its life. Often your brand new car is actually worth less than the balance on your loan at the end of the first month. Also, if you spent your hard earned money to pay cash for the car you will fall over when you see how much value is gone in just a couple months. Be sure to ask about "Lease/Loan Gap" insurance to avoid losing money on auto insurance losses. Ask about "Replacement Cost" for your car, too.

Question:  Do I have coverage if my dog bites someone?

Answer:  More than likely, your homeowners insurance covers accidents caused by your dog. Contact us if you're not sure! Keep in mind insurance will be hard to find after a bite claim. Your loving pet may have to move away in order for you to find insurance. This happens because bite claims have grown into a billion dollar industry in America and your insurer is not willing to risk a second chance.

Question:  Does my homeowner policy cover floods or surface water that flows into my home?

Answer:  No it does not. Talk to a Generations Insurance Group agent about a Flood Policy and remember: even a Flood Policy will not cover certain items in a finished basement.

Question:  What are the minimum limit requirements for auto insurance in Ohio?

Answer:  The state of Ohio has increased the minimum limit requirements for auto insurance as of December 22, 2013. The minimum for Bodily Injury Liability is $25,000 per person & $50,000 per occurrence, while the minimum for Property Damage Liability is $25,000. For existing customers, the new limits will become effective when your policy renews. For new customers, all policies must be written at the new minimum limits or higher. Contact us with any questions you may have!

Question:  If I host a holiday party, do I need liability insurance in case something unexpected happens?

Answer:  Having people over can be fun, but what if a guest is injured on your property? A personal umbrella policy will protect you from legal liability. Using a catering company to help with your holiday bash? Be sure to find out if they provide insurance for their staff.

Question:  I plan on purchasing an expensive holiday gift. What can I do to insure it?

Answer:  Valuable items like jewelry or artwork should be insured from the date of purchase. Contact us to have your gift placed on a valuable articles policy. On the other hand, if you are the recipient of a valuable item and it's not insured, call us. We'll get you covered!

Question:  I travel during the holidays and throughout the year. Is travel insurance a good idea?

Answer:  A travel policy is a great idea! If your plans change due to bad weather, cancelled flights or medical emergencies, you're covered. Look into an annual travel policy - that way you can avoid purchasing trip insurance on each flight!

Question:  I have an elaborate outdoor holiday display of lights and decorations. It's great, but are these items covered under my homeowners insurance?

Answer:  Good news! If someone runs off with your inflatable Santa or damages your holiday lighting display, you can still keep your holiday spirit! Outdoor decorations, just like other personal property, are covered under most home insurance or renter's policies. Contact us to make sure you are covered!

Send any other questions to: info@generationsinsgrp.com

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